Upgrading agricultural waste


We are harnessing the power of biology to upgrade agricultural wastes into specialty chemicals


Industrial fruit and vegetable processing generates massive volumes of waste

Citrus peels

10 million metric tons

Sugar beet pulp

70 million metric tons

Potato peels

23 million metric tons

Grape pomace

11 million metric tons

Despite the vast land, water and human resources required to produce these crops, these wastes have little value


upgrade these wastes into useful products


Cleaning Ingredients

Bio-based Polymers

Specialty Chemicals


Who We Are

Ryan Protzko, Ph.D.

Ryan is an expert in microbial metabolism of pectin-rich wastes. Ryan is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and winner for First Place for Green Chemistry at Big Ideas @ Berkeley.

Luke Latimer, Ph.D.

Luke has experience developing biological green chemistry technologies. Luke is a recipient of a Dow Sustainability Award and First Place for Green Chemistry at Big Ideas @ Berkeley.

John Dueber, Ph.D.

John is a Professor of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. John is a renowned Synthetic Biologist for his development of strategies for modular control and engineering of microorganisms.

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